1. Can pacifiers really cause an overbite? # 1

    Can pacifiers really cause an overbite?

    I remember hearing somewhere that pacifiers could cause an overbite. Is that really true? Has anyone actually heard confirmation of this from their dentist? And if it is true, what do you give the baby instead of a pacifier?

  2. Can pacifiers really cause an overbite? # 2
    I never had a pacifier. I sucked my thumb. I didn't have an overbite. I didn't have any more or any fewer orthodontic problems than other children.

  3. Can pacifiers really cause an overbite? # 3
    My child used a pacifier, the doctor said it was fine so that was good enough for us

  4. Can pacifiers really cause an overbite? # 4
    Father Time
    All of my children had pacifers and they turned out fine. The two boys had braces (lots of children do), but it wasn't that bad.

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