1. Skin Asthma # 1

    Skin Asthma

    Have you guys heard about this? My kids have rushes and most of the people told me that it is skin asthma. I have consulted with a doctor and they recommended a cream but still their rashes continue. My hubby already wants to consult a dermatologist.

    Any suggestion is very much appreciated.

  2. Skin Asthma # 2
    I had honestly never heard of skin asthma before so I went and looked it up. It would seem that it is simply another term for atopic dermatitis, and as such is the same as many other skin conditions that respond badly to stress and often allergenic substances.

    The only way to ease it would be avoiding those things.

  3. Skin Asthma # 3
    I did a web search as well, as I had never heard of this. The common thing seems to be moisturize and use gentle detergents. Using high quality lotions such as Aquaphor, Cetaphil, Nutraderm, and Jergen's ultra healing is recommended. I also saw mention that coconut oil was helpful to some people, but with the obvious issue of smelling like a tropical island. They make lots of good gentle detergents free of dyes and perfumes these days though so that should be much easier than it could have been even ten years ago. The big issue seems to be dealing with the skin cracking and germs getting in the cracks. However there seems to be some chance they can grow out of it just like lung asthma, but seeing a derm might be helpful to determine if it really is skin asthma or not.

  4. Skin Asthma # 4

    Skin asthma

    Skin asthma refers to When chronic inflammation occurred in the skin although it is non-contagious, it is medically called as Atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema.
    Symptoms of Skin Asthma
    * Ear discharge,
    * Itchy and dry skin,
    * Skin lesions on the cheeks mostly in infants.
    Causes of Skin Asthma
    * Atopic eczema,
    * Allergic rhinitis,
    * Poor Nutrition,
    * Hereditary,
    Prevention for Skin Asthma.
    *Donít smoke,
    *Avoid being stressed,
    *Have an adequate time of sleep,
    *Avoid s milk, nuts, cheese, tomatoes, wheat, yeast, and corn,
    *Avoid dust, and dusty places since it triggers the asthma.

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  5. Skin Asthma # 5
    Skin asthma usually occurs when the baby is exposed to allergens or when they ingest food that they cannot process properly.

  6. Skin Asthma # 6
    My friend makes a great product that helped a great deal with my sons eczema. It's a baby bath soak. He's been making and selling it for years and is getting ready to start selling online. Here is a link to his site, contact him and ask him to send you some, tell him Doty sent you.


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