1. Are raisins good or bad? #1

    Are raisins good or bad?

    I read that raisins are a mood enhancing food that can help both children and adults feel better. However, my sister says raisins are bad for kids. Can you see any reason raisins would be bad?

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    I can't think of any reason that raisins would be bad for you. They only thing that comes to my mind is that they are pretty high in sugar. So parents who really cut down on sugar do tend to stay away from them.

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    I have never heard that raisins are not good for kids. Raisins have many health benefits. They are good for your eyes and teeth, and help with anemia, constipation, fever and sexual weakness.

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    I've never heard anything about raisins being bad for kids either. I can see the sugar being bad but there are probably alternatives with less sugar I imagine.

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    I have heard it before and I completely understand it after visiting a dentist for my own work and asking him. It seems that these are funny little things most parents do not think about but really once dry they are just the same as concentrated juice. So think about that the next time you give a kid a raisin (and make them go brush their teeth right away).

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    I can the point about raisins not being good for kids' teeth, but that's easily solved by encouraging them to brush. The only thing I know about raisins being bad is for smaller children because they can be a choking hazard. Beyond that, I think they're a good snack for kids.

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    Oops, actually I have just read another article about raisins and their health benefits. They do have many health benefits, and one of the benefits is helping you with weight gain.

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